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in Amsterdam
  chris, Feb 18 2015

In Amsterdam for the day on 24 hr layover. ...anyone around and want to meet up? Was thinking lunch/dinner/something if any lpers around.

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Car broken
  chris, Aug 14 2014

Hey guys.

My car was broken into this morning. The fact this happened is accepted and I am not here to talk about it. I want to talk about the how.

I have a new(er) car with the smart key. I had my car locked remotely and the alarm should, in theory, be set. I go to bed at a little after midnight, and I had seen my car locked just before. At 6:28 AM I got a text from a neighbor saying my doors and trunk were open. I woke to see this text at 7:00.

Sure enough, the trunk was popped and the front windows were down. I initially thought they broke them out until I was close enough to see. I believe you'd have to start the car, or at least initiate the electronics, to lower the window. The alarm never went off.

The police say they haven't seen anything like it before. We have had other break ins on cars in the area recently, but none that had the windows down. The officer said he was certain I had left them down, and that was how the thief got in, but I showed him my auto settings for air conditioner, which I had been using. I had three other people witness and vouch my car was locked and windows were up. I am known for being quite cautious about that sort of thing.

When dealing with my bank today, a teller mentioned she had her newer car broken into a few days ago, herself. She, like myself, had the windows rolled down, no sign of forced entry (my back driver side door was pried open, or half shut, but I did not touch that door, and there were not marks from tools on the paint or seal). She said the police mentioned to her they hadn't seen anything like it, either.

I went to Google and got some results about an app to hack a car used by car thieves, but am not certain what it is, and I haven't finished the articles, but will post them here:

So I ask you, clever LP - how do you think this was done? How did the car thief access my car and put the windows down. If you think that access didn't deal with the windows being lowered, why and how would the thief then lower the front windows?

We need to assume I am a random target, or at least that it was not personal. I have only one key, and it was in my locked bedroom with me, on my bedside table. I have roommates, they are not suspects.

Need to think about method for gaining access.

It has me really curious.

Specs are a 2013 Dodge Dart SXT. Has one traditional key entry, driver door. It has remote start and a built in alarm. It was parked in front of my condo and under a street light.
It happened between ~ 2am and 6am. Other cars in the lot were hit, most were earlier 2000's models, other new ones had doors popped, but not necessarily a sign of slim-jim (tool used for opening cars). Mine was the only one with windows down.

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Internet Speed Help
  chris, Mar 30 2014

Hey LP,

You guys seem to be pretty tech savvy, so maybe you will be willing to help if you know how.

I have a 50 Mbps internet connection. Should be 50 Mbps download and 20 upload. I am pulling about 5-8 Mbps download and about 5 upload. A tech from the cable company came out and replaced modem and we did hard line testing, etc. and it still didn't change and she was able to put 75 Mbps once on her laptop, but only once, and was getting varied times after. The line connection is almost flawless and there isn't line distortion.

I am wondering if there is some kind of malware or the like on my laptop that could affect the speed and I am not sure how to find out. I got rid of Norton antivirus because it constantly slowed down my laptop.

I am on a 64 bit Windows 7 home premium, with 6 gigs of ram and I do not think I have any viruses, but maybe I do?

If you guys know of anything that could help, I'd be all ears.

Halp, LP, Halp!

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